The problem of shoplifting is particularly serious and burdensome for VIDEO and MUSIC SHOPS and, more generally, for store departments displaying VIDEO's, CD's and DVD's. Today, the problem of thefts in music and video stores can be solved effectively with a special new-generation anti-shoplifting device.

AiSystem includes a vast choice of shapes, sizes and models to meet the specific needs of every business location.

All Audio, Video and Videogame supports, from the most traditional to the latest ones, can be protected inside AiSystem cases. The "hermetic" version of these cases can also be used for other products.

Some of these cases are equipped with a hook for hanging.

AiSystem: one system for many purposes.


>> Manufactured from hard, crystal-clear polycarbonate
>> Glue-free and seamless
>> Shockproof and hard-wearing
>> Does not yellow or warp
>> Allows easy bar code scanning
>> Designed to be "invisible"
>> Simple and fast locking/unlocking
>> Used in over 23 countries throughout the world
>> Protected by international patentsi
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