EXUS is a two-antenna RF anti-shoplifting device specifically designed for perfumeries. It ensures a wide aisle coverage (140 to 160 cm) and allows the use of ultra-small paper labels.
The antennas are equipped with an acoustic and visual alarm. The system is pre-set to activate remote security devices ( door lock, video recording etc.) when the detection equipment is alarmed. Pedestals can be customised with all RAL colours available.
Radio frequency is the only technology that enables the protection to be deactivated without requiring any physical contact with the label as its range of action reaches 20-30 cm. Furthermore this technology can be easily integrated in any kind of scanner or counter without requiring special adaptations.
This system does not damage credit cards, cash dispenser cards or other magnetic mediums, does not affect wristwatches or interfere with metallic goods.
All our systems are brand new and comply with the latest Italian and EEC standards which set forth extremely stringent electromagnetic field emission limits.
Our systems do not interfere with pacemakers and defibrillators.
The EXUS anti-shoplifting system has already been installed in a number of perfumeries with successful results.

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