Shoplifting in clothing and sporting goods stores is a serious problem.
Today, this problem can be solved effectively with the new SUPERLOCK tags and a special new-generation device.

MINI is the latest hard tag designed for garment protection. Very practical, this tag is ideal for preventing shoplifting in both small shops and large department stores.
Available in standard and Superlock versions.

CUORE is an ultra-light and stylish hard tag. The new technology incorporated in this miniature tag permits wide-aisle capability.
Available in standard and Superlock versions.

Garment card
Antitaccheggio Italia has developed a new technology which enables an anti-shoplifting adhesive label of any kind (RF, magnetic, acousto-magnetic) to be invisibly embedded into a garment card.
The garment card with incorporated security label can be produced in various shapes and sizes and customised with the retailer's logo or trademark. The security label is completely invisible and cannot be disrupted ensuring maximum item protection.

MINI: superlock version: dark grey
  superlock version: light grey
CUORE: version superlock 4.8 MHz: light grey
version superlock for 58 KHz systems: light grey
Versions: Radio frequency
  MINI tag
  CUORE tag
  STAR tag
  EXA tag for EXUS MONO systems
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